1oz Gold China Panda Coin - Common Date

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  • Title: 1oz Gold China Panda Coin - Common Date

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China's national symbol, The Giant Panda has been the face of the China Panda 1 Oz. Coin since 1982. THis coin is still an ongoing series. Widely famous among gold collectors, the China Panda keeps its lovers waiting for the unveiling of the newest designs each year.

This coin is struck on the mainland of China at several places including Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Shenyang. Before 2000, the China Panda’s served as the legal tender in China and had a face value of 100 Yuan. But the coins struck after 2000 carry the denomination of 500 Yuan. These coins contain 1 Oz. .9999 fine gold.

The Obverse: The Obverse has been the same since ages and features the Temple Of Heaven. Its a 600 year old Taoist temple.

The Reverse : The Reverse receives a new giant panda design every year and this makes, the China Panda 1 Oz. , a favourite among collectors.The anxiety of what’s going to be the coin’s reverse makes it a valuable coin that people have to wait for.

The China Panda has earned its honor among other gold bullion coins because of it purity and design expertise.

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