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1979 S Susan B Anthony Dollar Type 1 PF69 UC NGC Brown Label

1979 S Susan B Anthony Dollar Type 1 PF69 UC NGC Brown Label Obverse
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  • Title: 1979 S Susan B Anthony Dollar Type 1 PF69 UC NGC Brown Label
  • Metal: Silver

Full Description

When the Eisenhower Dollar proved too bulky for convenient use, the U.S. Mint began planning a new, smaller coin. The original design for the new dollar coin was created by U.S. Mint Chief Engraver Frank Gasparro and featured a rendition of the iconic Lady Liberty. However, when legislation came down authorizing the coin, it contained the stipulation that the image of Susan B. Anthony be on the obverse. Gasparro began a new design, this time with the suffrage leader center-stage. Because the same mintmark die had been used for many years, it produced the San Francisco S mintmark in a unique and indistinct way which many have described as “blob-like.” This Type 1 mintmark was replaced with more distinct Type 2 mintmarks on later Susan B. Anthony dollars when a new die was used. Offered here in Proof 69 condition, the coin is a wonderful addition to any collection.


The front of the coin features a portrait of Susan B. Anthony as Gasparro envisioned her at age 50, at the height of her political influence. Two other portraits were rejected by Susan B. Anthony III, the social reformer’s great niece, one because it showed her too old and the other because it showed her too young and made “too pretty.” An eleven-sided inner border contains the portrait, along with the word ‘Liberty,’ the year of issue, and the motto ‘In God We Trust.’ Thirteen stars in total run between the date and ‘Liberty.’ The mintmark is shown below the portrait of Anthony.


The back of the coin displays Gasparro’s 1971 design of an eagle carrying an olive branch while landing on the moon’s surface. This design was patterned after the NASA’s Apollo 11 insignia patch. Also on the reverse are ‘United States of America’ and ‘One Dollar.’

Full Description


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