100 Ounce Silver Bullet - 30 mm Autocannon

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  • Title: 100 Ounce Silver Bullet - 30 mm Autocannon
  • Purity: 0
  • Metal: Silver
  • Weight: 0

Full Description

For far-reaching, tangible wealth, no silver product compares to the 100 oz. Silver Bullet modeled after the 30 mm Autocannon round. GMRgold acquires these impressive Silver Bullets directly from their manufacturer, Northwest Territorial Mint to ensure their high quality, excellent condition and low premiums. With exquisite design and fine detailing, these large Silver Bullets make an outstanding addition to any silver collection. Weapons enthusiasts enjoy their trueness to the shape of the 30 mm Autocannon shell, a type of powerful ammunition that has seen service since World War II. Although they appear just like silver bullets, they should never be placed in a firearm. Milled from 100 troy ounces of .999 Fine Silver, these Silver Bullets offer an ideal way to add to silver holdings substantially or diversity a precious metals portfolio.

Case and Bullet

The case of this .999 Fine Silver Bullet has all the same outer features of the 30 mm Autocannon round. The bullet head is shaped exactly like the original bullet. The entire cartridge and bullet portions are perfectly round and smooth with a matte finish for maximum visual appeal.


The bottom of the .999 Fine Silver Bullet has markings for the 100-oz. weight and .999 Fine Silver Purity along with ‘NTR’ for the Northwest Territorial Mint.

Full Description


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