10 oz Silver Bullet - .50 Caliber BMG


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  • Title: 10 oz Silver Bullet - .50 Caliber BMG
  • Purity: .999
  • Metal: Silver
  • Weight: 10 oz

Full Description

Get more bang for your dollar with these 10 oz silver bullets. These 10 oz silver pieces have a very low premium over the spot price of silver, making them a popular investment option. Made of .999 fine silver, silver bullets are produced in private mints to look exactly like .50 caliber bullets. Although silver bullets are faithful replicas, they are only for display and cannot be used as ammunition. The real beauty of owning silver bullets along with your other precious metals coins and bars is for their conversation value as you bring them out of your safe to amaze and delight your friends. At the same time, they are viable investments that gain in value with increases in the spot price of silver. Patterned after the .50 Browning Machine Gun, these silver bullets have historic appeal as well.

Bullet Case

The cartridge case portion of the 10 oz silver bullet is long, sleek and polished. A line around the top portion of the case marks off where the bullet head would begin. Another, deeper line near the bottom rim marks the end of the powder chamber.

Cartridge Bottom

The bottom of the silver bullet’s cartridge shows the marking “10 oz .999 AG” to denote its weight and silver content.

Full Description


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