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$10 Liberty Gold Eagle PCGS MS-61

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  • Title: $10 Liberty Gold Eagle PCGS MS-61
  • Metal: Gold
  • Weight: 0.4838 oz

Full Description

Graded by the Profession Coin Grading Service (PCGS) as Mint State 61, the $10 Liberty Gold Eagle is considered to be in Uncirculated condition: characterized by showing no trace of wear, but may have a number of contact marks or blemishes in primal focal areas and can lack luster. First introduced in 1838, the $10 Liberty Eagle Gold Coins were minted up until 1907. Throughout the coins release, the design underwent several revisions: for example from 1838 until 1866 the coin did not feature the motto "In God We Trust," which was added in 1866 above the eagle on the Reverse.

The Liberty Gold Eagle marked the return of the Eagle to circulation, which had left in 1804 when production was ended by President Jefferson due to the general population melting down the coins for their gold, as the coin had a discrepancy between gold content and the denomination.

Designs for the Liberty Gold Eagle are inspired from the two sources: the obverse is inspired from the 1816 Coronet-type Large Cent, the reverse is inspired by an American Eagle, and displays detailed feathers and an olive branch and arrows clutched in its talons.

The Obverse
The obverse shows Lady Liberty in profile, facing left, and is encircled by 13 stars, a representation of the first 13 states. Shown below is the year the coin was minted

The Reverse
The reverse shows the American Bald Eagle and the shield shown protecting its breast. A symbol similar to that shown on the Great Seal of the United States, the eagle clutches an olive branch, and a bundle of arrows in its talons: symbolizing the United States' "strong desire for peace," but it's readiness "for war" . 'United States of America', 'In God We Trust' and 'Ten D' is engraved around the eagles image.

Full Description


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