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$10 Indian Gold Eagle Cleaned or Polished

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  • Title: $10 Indian Gold Eagle Cleaned or Polished
  • Purity: .900
  • Metal: Gold
  • Weight: .4838 oz

Full Description

The $10 Indian Gold Eagle is one of the most beautiful coins ever produced by the U.S. Mint. In fact, the coin was the first to be designed after President Roosevelt pushed for more beautiful U.S. coins. The coin was minted from 1907 to 1933. After Roosevelt’s 1933 mandate that individuals turn in their gold pieces for melting, very few $10 Indian eagles survived. The coin is offered here in cleaned or polished condition.


Saint-Gaudens originally designed the Lady Liberty head on the obverse for a one-cent coin. Theodore Roosevelt admired the design as it was, but asked that Saint-Gaudens add a full Indian headdress and adapt the design to be used on a $10 gold coin. The artist added the headdress as well as a headband with the word “Liberty.” The obverse design also includes 13 stars above and the year below Lady Liberty.


The reverse design depicts a standing eagle holding arrows in its talons with an olive branch below. Above the eagle’s head are the words “United States of America,” while below is the denomination as “Ten Dollars.” Also on the obverse is the motto E Pluribus Unum. After much public protest, the coin was redesigned to include the motto “In God We Trust,” which was added to the design in 1908.

Full Description


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