A Buyer’s Guide on Buying Gold and Silver Coins - and Mistakes to Avoid

When clients come to us we often see they have had a not so great experience with other precious metals firms.  In fact, over half of our new clients are clients coming to us from another precious metals firm.  Many times they have been advised to buy either gold or silver coins. We help our clients understand most smart investors diversify into gold and silver coins.
When it comes to investment, diversifying a collection is smart. By not focusing solely on one type of coin or bar, you are able to take advantage of any sudden surge in value of a particular metal, coin or range of coins.
Gold and silver coins are easy to buy, store, transport and sell. Silver coins have a lesser value per coin than gold, generally speaking and can be quickly added to any portfolio in bulk.
Of course, carrying around $15,000 worth of gold coins would be easier than $15,000 worth of silver coins.  Having both gives one many choices - whether you are cashing some in, trading some,  or just wanting to buy that corvette you’ve always dreamed of having. 
Both types of coins make sense to purchase - both retain their value and are easy to sell.  The best choices are usually American gold or silver Eagles, the Canadian gold or silver Maple Leaf, the gold Krugerrand, or the Australian gold or silver Kookaburra. The British also have a gold and a silver Sovereign, and of course, the Chinese gold or silver Panda coins exist and are available.
All these choices are fairly common, recognisable and easy to purchase or sell. They are all available in one ounce versions and contain 99.9 percent fine gold or silver. Further, all these choices generally retain their value, if not increase in value, and all are aesthetically appealing coins to have and admire.
A piece of advice would be to make sure you always ensure you buy proof or brilliant uncirculated coins - and always purchase from a reputable dealer.
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