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  • The prices are great. The customer service is even better. I've never had a customer service rep go above and beyond like I had with GMR (Thanks, Josh!). Based on that fact alone, I won't purchase Goldbacks/precious metals from any other source.
  • Renee's customer service is exceptional. I've had experience in customer service roles, and she exemplifies what it means to be looking out for the customer. I appreciate her, and the entire team at GMR. I always believed the objective of customer service is to create and build lasting relationships, and she has done just this.
  • Trey with GMRgold was great. I showed him what I wanted. He went to work finding me the best price even though my inexperience was obvious and my transaction was small. Trey treated me with respect and spent an hour with me making sure I was comfortable. I highly recommend GMRgold. Thanks Trey!