Collectors and investors the world over have fallen in love with the 2016 Australia 1 oz. Silver Kangaroo BU, and with good reasons. The coin is the first Silver bullion Kangaroo produced by the Perth Mint. It is also a stunningly beautiful coin that catches the light. And then, there?s the famed marsupial so deeply associated with Australian culture.

For investors, the attraction is simple. It's a .9999 Fine Silver coin from a reputable mint known for high quality Gold and Silver coins and bars. For them, buying Fine Silver is one way to create a hedge against inflation, protect assets and be prepared in case of a severe economic crisis. The one ounce size allows for flexibility in investing, as buyers can choose single coins, tubes or boxes of the 2016 Silver Kangaroo coins to increase their Silver holdings more quickly. Even better, it's eligible to be included in a Precious Metals IRA.

For collectors, the reasons are a bit more complex. First of all, this offering features Brilliant Uncirculated Silver Kangaroos. Buying them in this condition and holding them can increase their value, which is an important factor if they decide to sell.

The 2016 1 oz. Silver Kangaroo also has a distinctive design. The Kangaroo is captured in majestic mid-leap in the center of the reverse. A radial pattern of lines adds to the beautiful appearance of this red Kangaroo design by Dr. Stuart Devlin. The obverse is the well-known Rank-Broadley image of Queen Elizabeth II.

Both collectors and investors also love the fact that an authentic 1 oz. Silver Australia Kangaroo coin is easy to spot. The design is so precisely drawn that it would be nearly impossible to duplicate it. If anyone ever did manage to come up with a passable counterfeit of the coin, their efforts would be thwarted by security features on the coin. A micro-engraved letter A can be found under magnification on the A in Australia on the reverse of the coin.

So, no matter what your aim in buying Silver coins, the 2016 Australia 1 oz. Silver Kangaroo is a great choice. For this and other silver and gold investment options, speak to GMR Gold's Precious Metals Investment Experts at 1 (877) 795-9585.