Buying gold is often considered the holy grail of precious metals investment strategy. However, a diversified buying strategy can increase your liquid assets as silver is easier to buy and sell. It all depends on how long you intend to invest and if you require liquidity before your expected maturity of the investment.

Gold costs about 100x the price of silver. Hence buying and selling silver is an easier option if you want quick liquidity of assets. Long-term investors prefer gold, while people on the move often will look towards silver bullion.

A significant advantage of buying gold and silver is the ability to sell them universally. Paper currency may have obstacles in selling, such as fluctuating Forex rates and decreasing worth, but gold and silver always remain stable.

A bank or dealer can refuse paper currency but something like the American Eagle or a Krugerrand will be taken off your hands quickly. It shows the importance of having precious metals in your investment portfolio. Most recommend an 80 to 20 ratio of this investment portfolio with 80 parts gold and 20 parts silver.

Silver and gold in the form of coins are relatively easier to sell than gold or silver bars. Also, countries often levy taxes on the purchase of gold bars, which coins do not face; hence they represent a more cost-saving option.

If you need liquid assets and quick access to cash without carrying some, you should buy gold and silver coins. Not only is this investment future proof, the value of the coins usually increases as well.