It's important to know when to sell gold as your "profit" largely depends on timing. First of all, there's no "right time? as it depends on a variety of factors including when and why you bought it.

Not everyone who purchases gold has the intention to sell it. Some buy gold jewelry only because it looks good. However, a large number of people buy gold with the sole intention of investing and selling it when it increases in value.

Gold prices are highly volatile. They change several times in a day. We have seen gold hit new highs in the last few days due to the current situation. More and more people are investing in gold, driving demand higher, causing a surge in price.

The simple demand-supply formula applies here. Since gold has to be minted, it's supply is limited. Countries and organizations try different tactics to keep gold prices at a specific level but there?s no one entity controlling the shiny metal.

If you look at our site, you will be able to find the latest prices and the current trend. Have a look at it to understand where prices are going and if you should sell or retain your gold.

Think about why you invested. Are you looking for short-term gains or long-term benefits? You can sell gold whenever you see a spike in prices if you want short-term benefits. This is important because prices may decline as well.

On the other hand, long-term investments can be risky as well because the trend may not continue. You can?t be sure if prices will only increase. The trick is simple ? sell gold if you feel it has reached the highest level.

There's no formula here, you will have to pay attention to factors that affect gold prices such as political unrest, economic conditions, etc.

Consider getting in touch with a financial advisor for tips on when to sell gold.