The 1 oz. Silver Round Buffalo bears the enduring images of a Native American warrior on the obverse and an American bison on the reverse. Yet, is there really a point in having such an iconic design on a Silver Round? After all, Rounds aren't exactly collector items. People buy them for their Silver content, which would be the same regardless of any design that was or wasn't placed on them. Actually, there are some distinct benefits to having rounds with a design.

Benefit 1: Easily Recognizable

A lot of metals might look like silver to new investors who are not very familiar with this precious metal. It?s far easier to know you are getting a piece of silver if it is marked with a familiar design. Buyers who choose Silver Buffalo Rounds have a lower risk of being scammed than they would with an unstamped round.

Benefit 2: Have a Design You Like at a Lower Cost

While the mere presence of a design doesn?t change the Silver Buffalo Round?s silver content, many investors are still interested in the visual appeal of the design. For those with a limited investment budget, bullion sovereigns might not be a viable option. Those who admire Fraser's Silver Buffalo design can have it without paying the higher price of a coin.

Benefit 3: Inspires More Confidence

When it's time to sell, the design on the round affects the emotions of the buyer. They see the design and feel confident that the round has value. And, because of this confidence, along with the fact that the round actually does have intrinsic value, it is easier to sell rounds than it would be to sell a piece of silver without Fraser's iconic design.

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