Are You Looking to Buy Gold Coins? Here's Some Ways to Safely Buy Gold

Yes, we know, you may have heard a financial advisor say “don’t buy gold coins!" - have you ever wondered why they are so passionate about it? The answer is fairly simple actually - they don’t get commission when they diversify you into gold and silver precious metals! Follow the money and don’t believe fake news - there’s certainly enough of that out there!

When you do your own homework you will see gold coins continue to maintain their value regardless of the economic climate and even improve their value over the long term. In fact, gold has outperformed the markets year after year for more than 40 years.

When you decide to diversify and decide to start buying gold coins - or add more to your current portfolio - make sure you look for the following:

Type of coin - Eagle, Sovereign, etc. What type of coin are you looking for?

Size of the coin - sizes vary. Coins are sometimes measured in value and sometimes in weight.

Face Value - what’s the face value of the coin? $1 or $5 dollar or even $10 for example.

Weight - usually measured in troy ounces or part of an ounce, but grams have also become a popular weight measurement recently.

Fineness - the amount of gold compared to other metals, such as silver.

Price - how much you would be expected to pay for the gold coin advertised. This would include any margin added by the seller and any tax that might be applicable.

The above information should be clearly displayed along with, ideally, several pictures of the coin.

Some old coins can have a value far beyond the face value or gold value. Rarity, limited issue, and aesthetic appeal can add significant value to a coin.

Browsing available coins online can give you a good understanding of what coins to collect and how much to pay for them.

To buy gold coins is a fascinating and often financially rewarding activity for any coin collector or investor!

Remember - "take care of your money and your money will take care of you."

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