The Top Three Things to Know About Investing in Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coins - A Spotlight on the Titanic Silver Maple Leaf

Silver Maple Leaf Coins are among the most popular silver coins that coin enthusiasts seek out for their portfolio.

There is a rich diversity in this coin and perhaps the best example of this is the Titanic Silver Maple Leaf coin.

The name Titanic in this case refers to the size of the coin, not it’s fate. The Titanic, in fact, is a $5 silver coin - originally minted in 1988 as a one ounce pure 99.99 percent silver coin.

Although it is believed 26,000 of these coins were minted, they were all sold only to one coin dealer. As a consequence, they have been in short supply ever since. It is possible, however, to locate dealers who come across a small supply from time to time.

Each five dollar coin contains one full troy ounce of silver and features the queen's portrait on one side. The famous Maple Leaf design is located on the other side. The coin also contains the special Titanic privy mark. This special coin, when purchased, should be Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) and sealed in its original mint soft clear plastic.

This is absolutely a very nice coin and a much prized piece for collectors. Anyone who can manage to get one or more of the $5 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin will be happy indeed!