If you search the web, you will find that hundreds of coins have been minted in the US. The industry kickstarted in the early 1790s and has been going strong since. However, most of these coins were minted previously using metals such as gold, silver ,and copper, which were then mixed in with other, less valuable metals in a larger ratio.

However, out of all the coins that are minted in the US, the one to has gained a substantial amount of popularity is the US Silver Dollar. These coins have been around for a long time, but are still used for collective purposes.

What is Different About the US Silver Dollar?

The reason behind the popularity of the US Silver Dollar among coin is its silver content. It is made of 90% pure silver while having a mixture of 10% copper. On the other hand, the total silver content of the dollar weighs in at about .7736 troy ounces.

It is the purest form of a silver dollar coin that can be found on the market.

Silver Content Compared to Other Silver Dollars

There is a vast difference in the silver content of the most recent US Silver Dollar, compared to the ones minted in the past.

The 1970s version of the US Silver Dollar had a silver content of only 40%, with the remaining 60% being a mixture of both nickel and copper. This came as a downside as the coin lost its durability and strength due to the introduction of less valuable metals.