If you are interested in investing for the long term, but cannot afford gold then consider silver.

This precious metal is quite affordable and in demand as well. Just like gold, it can be worn as jewelry and be bought for investment purposes. It can be a great option to invest your money, especially if you are low on cash and cannot afford its expensive sibling, gold.

There is a lot in common between gold and silver. Both are highly liquid and can guard your money against inflation. Plus, both shiny metals are known to stay strong when the economy fails.

The most popular of the silver coins include the American Silver Eagle, the Australian Silver Kookaburra, the Australian Silver Kangaroos, the Australian Chinese Lunar Calendar Series, the British Silver Britannia, the Canadian Silver Maple Leaves, and the Chinese Silver Pandas. All of these are beautiful coins, available in different sizes, but their most famous version is the one troy ounce silver coin.

Primarily, there are two methods to acquire these coins: through a mint or a dealer.

Purchasing from a manufacturer or mint is safe, secure, and guaranteed. Whereas, for the dealer, you need to ensure that the dealer is authorized and also provides a certificate of authentication along with the coins.

There is also a third option to buy silver coins ? online stores. You need to make sure you make yourself fully aware of all the terms and conditions of the market, including the returns policy. Many people tend to ignore this, but this is a very crucial part of the process.