Silver coins can be a great investment option for people who are low on budget. Silver has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few decades and is expected to continue in the right direction.

photo of a silver bar

If you are serious about investing in silver bars, start by calculating your budget to analyze what sort of bar you can afford. It is best to invest in a 99.9 percent pure silver bar, which is available in a variety of sizes, varying from one troy ounce to one kilo or even more.

These silver bars are either manufactured at mints or by refiners. Refiners mostly produce silver ingots, which are large and rough bars primarily used either in industries or by jewelers.

On the other hand, mints produce silver coins or smaller silver bars, which are widely used by the public as an investment option or as collectibles. Each silver bar comes with a stamp that states their size, weight, and manufacturer.

Most people tend to prefer silver coins over silver bars. Also, one-ounce silver bars are probably not the best form of investment, as the markup and shipping costs outweigh the investment value. Therefore, it is recommended to invest only in ten ounces and one hundred ounce silver bars.

Although buying silver bars sounds very easy, there are a lot of scams happening in this industry. Thus, one needs to be well researched, alert, and careful in finding a reputable and trustworthy dealer who can authenticate the bars as genuine.

Only buy silver from someone you fully trust.