This might come as a surprise to some but we have been using gold for centuries. It has been worn in different forms throughout history.

Gold bars

Egyptian history is full of gold jewels. In fact, it was considered an important part of the barter system. However, it was never as vital as it now is.

If you look at historic figures, you will find that gold has been moving in an upward direction for a while now. It recently hit records highs, whereas the US Dollar has been consistently losing its value especially when compared to other popular currencies.

Inflation has also been on the rise. With the pandemic hitting the world, the situation is expected to worsen.

Gold works well when the market is bad. It?s a secure investment as investors turn to gold when the stock exchange begins to crash.

The price of gold depends on various factors such as market forces and economic conditions. There's no one power controlling its price or demand.

Gold is bought in various forms for investment purposes, which majorly include gold coins, gold bullion, gold eagles, gold maples, gold Krugerrands, gold bars, and even in the form of pure gold, all depending upon the buyer's budget.

The demand for gold is also high because it is a part of many cultures and is worn by men and women to show off their status and wealth.

To be fair, gold is unpredictable and its value can decrease as well but it's still said to be a better investment than stocks and other alternatives.