Countries all over the world are in a phase of an unspoken race: a race to buy as much gold as they can in order to defend and back up their currency.

It seems that the USA is leading this race, but if we have a micro look at the numbers, we?ll realize that Switzerland tops the list.

From a per person point of view, the USA stands at the ninth position, surprisingly below countries like Lebanon and Portugal.

This is because the majority of the gold reserves of the USA are held by the government and central banks, instead of the general public.

Over the years, this race has become a serious matter around the world.

Countries like China and Russia are trying their best to get their hands on as much gold as they can, to the point that the speculation is that China might even spend one-third of its foreign reserves only to buy gold.

This is an attempt by China to reach the level of gold reserves of the USA, and Russia is no longer intending to stay behind any longer.

According to Forbes, a return to the gold standards is expected in the USA, and it would stabilize the US dollar and would restore the confidence of foreign investors wishing to invest in the USA.