Pete Rose is making another spectacular appearance — just as he always did as a Major League player — on GMR Gold's exclusive 1 oz. Silver Pete Rose Hit King Coin. Rose earned the name Hit King when he surpassed the previous record for number of hits during a Major League career. By the time he left baseball, he had made 4,256 hits, a record that still stands in Major League play. This .999 Fine Silver coin honors Rose and helps his organization Hit King Academy provide baseball education and training to some of the top young athletes in the nation.

Hit King Academy has taken on the exciting challenge of giving young, talented ball players, the information, coaching and practice to gain proficiency along with the Pete Rose attitude of aggressively pursuing victory on the baseball diamond. The goal is to help them succeed now and in the future, as they pursue college or Major League baseball careers.

During his time as a baseball player, Pete Rose broke many records. There was never anyone like him and no comparable player has come to baseball since. He has always been a one-of-a-kind baseball great. To commemorate his career, then, it is only fitting that GMR Gold is offering this exclusive, limited offer. Only 500 Pete Rose Hit King Coins will be struck, adding to their collectability and long-term value.

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