A random year order for an Australia 1 oz. Gold Kangaroo BU offers surprises that other random year coins can?t match. You not only get to open the box and find out what year you?ve received; you also get to check out which of the kangaroo designs has been used for that year.

The Australia Gold 1 oz. Kangaroo coin evolved from the Gold Nugget series that was first released in 1986 as part of a proof set containing various fractional coins along with the 1 oz. coin. This coin, of course, had an image of a gold nugget on the reverse. In 1989, though, the nugget was replaced with the image of a red kangaroo. The reverse of these coins has been changed each year to feature different kangaroos in different poses. The variety adds even more interest to your Australia Gold Kangaroo collection.

When you make a random year order of a coin, GMR Gold selects the coin or coins you will receive. A shipment of more than one of these Australia Gold Kangaroos may contain several years, or they may all be from the same year. If you only want one of each year, you get a chance to trade with other collectors to get different years or different coins altogether.

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