If we had to name the most collected coin in the world, it would be, without a doubt, the US Dollar Silver coin.

Photo of an 1805 US Silver Dollar Coin

It is a 99.99 percent pure silver coin that came out in 1804. It is one of the rarest coins in the world, to the point that it was sold at a whopping price of over 4 million US Dollars at an auction.

Even today, the demand for this incredible coin is pretty high. Let's know a little more about it.

Although the coin dates back to 1804, it was first minted in 1834 and then in the 1850s. Also, it was not meant to be for circulation but was served as a diplomatic gift in presentation sets.

Moreover, at the time it was released, silver was valued at such a high price that the US government melted all coins in circulation and exported them. As a consequence of this, the government ceased the production of silver coins in 1803.

The King of Siam (Thailand) was speculated to have owned ten sets of these rare 1804 coins, but right now there are only 8 of such coins existing all over the world.

This rare quantity combined with high demand for coin collectors all around the globe is the reason behind its high price.

If you find one for yourself, do make sure that it is a real one, as the increase in demand has led to a lot of fakes being available on the market. Hence, make sure to only buy from a reliable seller.