The 1 oz. Silver Britannia 2016 coin reflects the national character of its home country in a way few world coins do. The reverse of design of the coin is a personification of Britain, and many world coins choose images that do the same for their countries. What makes the Britannia so unique is the authority of its portrayal of Britannia.

Britannia, a goddess that came into being around the 2nd century A.D., is shown on the 2016 Silver Britannia as a beautiful, strong woman. The commanding female figure in the design calls to mind the power of the British people and the beauty of the British Isles. Britannia appears as a warrior goddess holding a trident and shield, depicting her unique ability to protect her people in any challenge.

Other symbols of Great Britain also appear on the Silver Britannia 1 oz. 2016 coin. The Union Jack is displayed on Britannia's shield. The obverse shows the most recent Ian Rank-Bradley portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-ruling monarch in British history.

Investing in Silver bullion coins such as the 1 oz. Silver Britannia 2016 also represents power for its owners. Those who possess physical assets create powerful protection for themselves in times of personal and national trouble. Silver investments offer stability as well as the strength of financial security.

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