GMR Gold is partnering with Tank Machine, a charismatic activist for U.S. Veterans' causes, to offer the 1 oz. Copper Tank Machine Challenge Copper Coin. Tank is committed to helping these honorable people return to civilian life in the most positive way possible.

The coin itself is a tribute to the men and women who have served America in combat situations. The obverse is a design based on the American flag, with Tank Machine's name above and his motto War On below. The reverse shows Tank's rank insignia on a camouflage background. A .999 Pure Copper Coin, the War On! Challenge Coin is a beautiful addition to any coin collection and offers all Americans a chance to show support along with Tank Machine.

Tank is associated with the 22KILL organization, which helps Veterans deal with mental health issues related to their service. The name 22KILL refers to a Veterans Administration announcement that 22 Veterans die by suicide every day. Tank's mission is to reduce that number dramatically by offering emotional and practical help. GMR Gold is proud to be a part of his effort by offering the 1 oz. Pure Copper Coin. Proceeds will go to 22KILL.

GMR Gold not only stands behind Tank's mission, but is also a moral company committed to offering high quality Precious Metals at reasonable prices. We hold the customers' best interests at the heart of every transaction. Speak to a GMR Gold Precious Metals Investment Expert at 1 (877) 795-9585 to learn more about our special coins as well as other PM investments.