Australian Television celebrated its 50th anniversary by joining hands with the Royal Australian Mint to issue a special 2006 Fine Silver Coin with a buying value of $1.

Those who study about the history of the organization might come across this iconic statement made by Bruce Gyngell:

?September 16, 1956 was when a large crowd gathered and peered inside departmental stores or in the comfort of their homes all across Australia. They waited impatiently to witness the very moment that TCN Channel Nine came to life and uttered the one line that changed history ?Welcome to Television? These very lines gave birth to Australian Television almost 50 years ago. It is all thanks to television that Australia became more connected to the world and was able to witness life changing events such as the first walk on the moon.?

What Makes This Fine Silver Coin So Special?

The coin is mostly popular in Australia due to its history. It has a book value of $38 and it fits in perfectly with other similar 2006 coins.


Looking for more detail on the special $1 Fine Silver Proof Coin? Here is a detailed table:

V. Gottwald
11.66 grams
Denomination Currency
One Dollar of 99.9% Pure Gold.
Mintage Value
12,500 (limited)


If you are looking for a rare coin then the 2006 $1 Fine Silver Proof Coin can be a good pick. While it?s most popular in Australia, collectors around the world have shown interest in this beauty due to its rarity and unique design.