In honor of the Victoria Cross, a special 2006 Proof Silver Dollar Coin was struck by the Royal Canadian Mint.

Many of us know that the Victoria Cross is the highest military Decoration which was presented post the Crimean War.

However, what most of us do not know is the reason why soldiers are awarded the Victoria Cross. It is awarded for, for acts of valor during war.?

A total of 99 Canadians have received this award so far. The division is as follows:

  1. 8 awards were given for a showcase of extreme bravery before and after the South African War of 1899.
  2. During the First World War, 70 Victoria Cross awards were given out.
  3. The remaining 16 awards were handed out during the Second World War.

The number includes some individuals linked to Canada but without a Canadian passport.

No Canadian has received the award since 1945.

Features of the Award

The award consists of a cross patt?e, which represents Christianity, with a lion wearing the Royal Crown.

Additionally, there is also a scroll with ?for valor? engraved on it. The presentation date is also engraved on the coin.

The cross containing all these details is suspended from a straight bar. The reverse of the bar consists of the rank, name, and unit of the awardee.

You will also find a special ?Canadian? version of the Victoria Cross. Established in 1993, its design and build are identical to the original version. The only difference is that the special inscription, ?for valor? is written in Latin.

2006 Proof Silver Dollar Coin

As mentioned before, this coin was minted in 2006 to honor the Victoria Cross. It is a very fine silver coin with a face value of $1.

The following table gives a better overview of the silver coin:

Face Value
Royal Canadian Mint Engravers
Produced according to demand
$34.95 (Canadian Dollars)
99.99% pure silver
25.175 grams
36.07 mm
Not in serial

Because of its special release and fine silver build, the 2006 Proof Silver Dollar Coin became popular among coin collectors and is still in demand.