One great way to buy silver coins is to buy them in bulk.

Buying bags of silver is one way to get silver in large quantities, these silver bags usually consist of a mix of silver dimes and some odd eagles.

You can also get separate bags of 500 US silver dimes or 1000 silver dimes, etc.

In most cases, they are from the old era (before 1964), which means that the coins will consist of 40 percent of silver. Other options include silver quarters or liberty dollar coins.

Buying big bags – at least 10 kilos – is considered a good option since silver content in these bags usually goes up to 5 kilos which then could be sold for a little more than the current price of silver per ounce.

But along with this, buying coins in wholesale is actually very interesting. Sorting a bag full of old coins can always be fun and you never know what you might end up finding in that bag full of silver coins.

Bulk buying looks like a profitable venture but it doesn’t work for everyone. Try your hands at bulk buying only if you understand how the market works and you have the money to support your goals. Also, make sure to only purchase from someone you trust as the risk of being scammed is higher when it comes to bulk buying because you can’t always be sure of what you are taking on.