With gold prices being so unpredictable most of the time, it is only fair for people to be confused regarding the best time to sell off their gold.

A good way to keep track of the good and bad times to sell gold is to pay attention to gold trends.

What are Gold Trends?

Most professionals keep track of gold trends. But what is a gold trend?

The fluctuation in the value of gold typically follows a pattern that is called a trend. Gold trends tend to rise and fall in relation to the value of the Dollar. However, gold is considered a better option than the Dollar because it stays more stable.

A look at the past history of the rise and fall in the trends of gold shows that other than the most recent major fall due to the pandemic, gold has managed to stay surprisingly stable for the most part.

This may sound like a bluff, but we?re talking about a 200 year history of showing no major changes in value.

On more stable days, or when the trend of gold is on the rise, one ounce of it can still purchase you the same goods as it would 50 years back. Even when you do hear people talking about a fall in the value of gold, it is usually because there is a rise or fall in the value of the currency rather than the gold itself.

Is the Gold Standard Achievable?

With the right tactics, the gold standard can be achievable despite the recession in the value of the Dollar.

A sure way to do this would be to reinforce the 1933 legislation and stop citizens from owning gold but that can be hard to pull off.