Yes, the price on the product page is the price you pay. We do add shipping, handling and insurance charges. However, shipping is free for all domestic orders over $75.

  • Does your posted price include your commission?

Yes. Whether you place your order with us by phone or on our website, we send you an email confirming the details of your order and the prices we have locked in for you.

  • Does GMR Gold lock in the prices when I order?

We lock in your price for 5 business days if it is under $25,000 or 3 business days if it is over $25,000. To take advantage of the locked in price, you are required to make payment within that time. The order you place is a binding agreement, which we honor by locking in your price for the given time period. You can view the confirmation number for you order online and in the confirmation email we send you.

GMR Gold may refuse an order if the price on the confirmation is in error. This can be caused by computer issues, sudden changes in the market, or pricing errors. We may also choose to refuse or cancel an order if there is any indication of fraud, suspicious activity or risk for GMR Gold.

Your payment must be dated within 24 hours of your order. GMR Gold must receive it within 3 business days for totals over $25,000 or 5 days for totals under $25,000. Otherwise, the locked-in price no longer applies to your order. If you do not ensure prompt payment to GMR Gold within these time limits, you will be charged the amount needed to cover any market losses plus a $35 cancellation fee.

  • For how long is my price locked in?

Yes, on some products. The product page on our website lists the different volumes along with the price for that volume. The more you buy of that item, the more you can save on its purchase price.

  • Is Volume Pricing available with GMR Gold?

Yes. We always offer quantity discounts for large, wholesale orders. In addition, we add extra discounts whenever we can on orders that total over $100,000 or include a large number of the same individual item.

  • Do you offer discounts for large quantities?

Yes. You get a 4% cash discount if you pay by cash, check, bank wire or trade. The price you see on the website already includes the 4% discount. We add the 4% onto your order price if you pay by PayPal or credit card.

  • Do you offer a cash discount?