A Precious Metals IRA is an IRA account that contains physical gold, silver, platinum or palladium. You must keep it in a vault at an approved secure storage facility. You contribute to it just as you would to an IRA containing stocks. How do you begin? First, you need to understand the principles of Precious Metals IRA investing. Then, find the best gold IRA company to help you along the way. The best gold or silver IRA company can help you manage this investment. They can help you buy and sell precious metals to maximize your long-term earnings, too.

These PM IRAs give you the same tax advantage as any IRA, so you don’t pay taxes on them until you take disbursement at retirement time. Or, you can use after-tax dollars to buy precious metals, add them to a Roth IRA, and avoid paying taxes on the entire amount at disbursal time. In addition to the tax benefits, Precious Metals IRA investing is a good idea for many reasons. First, this type of IRA is self-directed. You make the choices for each addition to your portfolio. You choose how to take your disbursement, whether that is to buy or sell the precious metals and take away cash or to take physical possession of your precious metals and hold them wherever you choose.

Precious metals also offer a safe haven during difficult or uncertain economic times and times of national and global unrest. Because gold, silver, platinum and palladium retain their value over time and increase over the long term, they provide a superior hedge against inflation. And, they allow you to diversify your portfolio to provide you with more financial security.

You can only invest in IRA-approved silver, gold, platinum or palladium coins, rounds and bars. Some of the options for Precious Metals Investing include Gold American Eagles, Silver American Eagles, Gold Buffalos and Silver and Gold Canadian Maple Leafs. Other choices are Austrian Philharmonics, Gold Pandas, Sunshine Mint Rounds, PAMP Suisse, Credit Suisse or PAMP Suisse gold bars. To make sure you get coins, bars and rounds that are IRA-approved, your best bet is to work with a Precious Metals Investing Company to buy IRA Gold coins, rounds and bars, as well as other precious metals.

Choosing the best gold IRA company begins with a basic understanding of this type of investment account. Once you understand how the process works, you have a basis for judging the capabilities of a gold or silver IRA company.

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