You might think that a Morgan Silver Dollar described as MS66 grade is always a coin in excellent condition. While that should be true, it isn?t always the case. Whether you get a coin truly in MS66 condition or not depends a great deal on how the coin is treated by the previous owner or dealer.


If a dealer or private seller offers you a deal on MS66 grade Morgan dollars, they should be able to provide certification that the coins are indeed in that condition. The coin should be certified by a reputable grading company like ANACS, NGC or PCGS.


Third-party grading services "slab" the coin, meaning they put the Morgan Silver dollar in a protective, sonically-sealed holder after it is professionally graded. If the coin you are offered is not slabbed, there is no guarantee that the coin was actually graded in that condition. Additionally the coin should be well-packaged before it makes its trip to you.

Post-Grading Care

Even slabbed coins can deteriorate within their packages. Environmental factors still matter, and careful preservation by the holder of the coin is still an important task.


Aside from packaging, the Silver Morgan dollar coin should be shipped to you directly. This allows you to see the coin first-hand as soon as it arrives. It should also be insured with the carrier if it is a rare MS66 Morgan Silver dollar.

Why GMR Gold?

GMR Gold adheres to these best practices to ensure the coin you receive is still in the condition you expect when it arrives at your door. To learn more about Morgan Silver Dollars as well as other U.S. silver and gold coins and bars, contact our GMR Gold Precious Metals Investment Experts at 1 (877) 795-9585.