The 1 oz. Silver American Eagle in Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) quality is a dazzlingly beautiful coin. Stuck in .999 Fine Silver, the coin features the Adolph A. Weinman Walking Liberty design originally made famous on the 1916 Silver Half Dollar from the U.S. Mint. Lady Liberty walks gracefully, draped in an American flag, towards a rising sun on the obverse of the Silver American Eagle. The reverse shows a heraldic American eagle with 13 sparkling stars above it. There is no question it is an attractive coin.

Yet, the 1 oz. Silver American Eagle is more than a visually attractive coin. It is a solid, stable and lasting investment that you can see with your eyes and feel in your hand. There is virtually no question that the coin will hold its value despite what might happen with paper currency or stock certificates.

In the event of a bank crisis or even a total economic collapse, the 1 oz. Silver American Eagle would be valuable in trading for needed goods or services. The fact that these coins are offered here as a random year selection allows for the possibility of completing a set of Silver American Eagles with different mint years over time. However, the random year will have little bearing at the time of such a disaster. So, the random year is either important or irrelevant, but never a detriment.

If you are looking for a coin that is not only attractive but also a stable investment, the 1 oz. Silver American Eagle BU random year may be the coin you seek. You can find out about all your options by calling 1 (877) 795-9585 to discuss them with your GMR Gold Precious Metals Investment Expert. You can count on GMR Gold because of its commitment to finding the best choice for your best interests and its knowledgeable experts, ready to serve your needs.