Gold has been on a downward path through most of June 2018. In fact, early in June, the price was at a more respectable $1299 before it began its descent on the 8th, finally reaching a low of $1246 on June 28. Some investors sold their gold in mass quantities, while others held on, waiting for the precious metals market to rebound.

Silver also reached its June peak on the 8th of the month, climbing to $16.77. The silver metal now has fallen to a monthly low of $15.56. Platinum is on the downhill slide, too, having dropped from $905 on May 31 to $844 on June 28. The only thing that sets Palladium apart in this month’s decreases is that it started falling before the month began. On June 1st, Palladium was at $998. Now, it’s fallen to $958.

If one thing is certain in the precious metals market, it’s that gold will eventually rise again. What’s more, it will likely far surpass any level it’s been at in the past, given enough time. A major upturn hasn’t happened yet, but during the last week of the month, gold inched upward again. The yellow metal saw an increase to $1255 on June 29, a step in the right direction.

More positive news is coming from the mining industry. New explorations in the Yukon by the Yukon Mining and Exploration Company and others could reveal more gold available to be mined. With new exploration techniques and equipment, the largely unmapped Yukon could be a rich source for the near future.

In silver mining, several factors are improving the situation. Zinc prices are rising, and since zinc can be a by-product of silver mining, zinc’s price can offset the costs of mining for silver. Smelters are seeking more silver right now, with is increasing the demand for silver at the same time.

A part of the problem causing precious metals to drop has been the overpowering strength of the U.S. dollar. Yet, there are rumblings around the world that indicate world powers are beginning to question the reliability of the U.S. dollar. Russia and China are both stockpiling gold on the hunch that the dollar is likely to drop dramatically in the months and years ahead.

As of June 30, 2018, most experts advise approaching gold and other precious metals from a big-picture perspective. The declines that happened this last month are temporary, they say. Look to the long-term if you want to see gold increase again. Some have predicted the spot price of gold will be over $1375 per ounce by the end of 2019.

Right now, the best position is likely to hold onto the gold you have or buy more near the bottom of the trough. Then, when gold comes back up, as it inevitably will, you’re ready to cash in on your investment if you’re ready to make that move.