In case you are the owner of more than a few gold coins and are looking into selling them, then you are probably stuck on the very first step, i.e. where to liquidate your assets.

Getting Your Gold Coins Ready

Don't make the mistake of touching your coins. Keep them in the case as touching or even cleaning can cause damage to the coins.

Take time out to gather all relevant paperwork that came with the gold coins, including certificates or any other official receipts.

Which Gold Coins Do You Want to Sell?

This might come as a surprise to some but coins don't always get sold based on the amount of gold they contain. Some might get sold more for more based on their popularity and rarity.

Hence, go on the internet and find out the current selling prices for the type of gold coins you have. Moreover, you can contact an auction house or dealer to get the price.

It might also be a good idea to get your coins appraised.

Find a Suitable Outlet

Here are some options you can try:

  1. Advertisements You can place an advertisement on marketplaces like eBay. An advantage to pursuing this method is that you may find a collector who is willing to pay a good price for the type of gold coin you have.
  2. Auction Houses If you have an extremely rare coin then you can get in touch with auction houses and get it auctioned. Some of the rarest coins include Edward Florin III, the 1849 Double Eagle, and Liberty Head Nickel.
  3. Selling to a Dealer Contact a dealer, get a price, and complete the transaction.

We hope this guide will make it easier to sell coins. Stay away from scams and only sell to someone who truly values what you have to offer.