Australia has two mints – the Australian Mint and the Perth Mint – which makes buying gold in Australia pretty straightforward.

The Perth Mint is favored by most due to its vast range of products, although there are many reputable gold dealers around the country as well.

Some of the Australian gold items to buy are:

  • Australian Gold Bars
  • Australian bullion
  • Australian Early Gold Jewellery
  • Australian Gold Nuggets
  • Australian Gold coins

One particular gold coin, the Australian Gold Sovereign, is a collector’s favorite apart from being an excellent investment. Although both the Perth Mint and Australian Mint make newer versions, the older ones are still popular due to their rarity and beauty.

Another product worth collecting is the Australian Gold Bar, which is readily available at the Perth mint along with dealers across Australia.

The Australian Nugget is a unique and mysterious gold product. Its rarity stems from the fact that it is found on the surface instead of being mined from underneath.

The Australian Nugget is unique – no two items are alike, making it even more popular among collectors. They weigh about 10 ounces but are quite rare.

Antiquities such as the early Australian Gold jewelry is also a good option; however, you must know the industry well to be able to buy the right antique jewelry. Pay attention to factors such as its history, rarity, and authenticity. An amateur should stay clear of committing to such an investment.

Buying gold in Australia is quite easy due to the huge number of options out there. You can even purchase online; however, whatever option you choose, make sure to be careful.