A large number of people invest in gold with the intention to sell. After all, gold appreciates well and can offer good returns. The problem is you can?t always be sure of the worth of your gold coins.

The value of your coins depends on not just the prices of the metal (gold or silver) but also the rarity factor. A coin that?s rare will be more valuable than a coin that?s easily available. In addition to this, the quality also matters.

Collectible coins need to be in perfect condition to fetch a good price. Those who have very old coins in excellent condition might be able to get a good deal. However, you must have all the original documents including packaging to be able to get a good price.

It can be very difficult to get a good price for a coin that comes without a Certificate of Authenticity and original packing even if you're able to prove it' s genuine.

Hence, do not pull the coin out of the package ? not even to clean. Moreover, they should be kept out of sunlight.

Now, here?s how you can check the value of your coin:

  • Internet
    Go to websites like HeritageAuctions and CoinFacts to find the value of your coins. You can also try auction platforms like eBay to know what others are selling similar coins for.
  • Dealers
    Take your coins to a dealer — ideally, the person you purchased it from &mdash to get it appraised. The person will tell you the exact value of your coins, gold or silver.

Sometimes, it's important to know the value of coins for insurance and tax purposes, hence it becomes important to get ?em valued. So, make sure to use a reliable technique.