Any 1 oz. Silver bullion coin of the high quality produced by the Perth Mint makes a wise investment, but the 2016 Australia 1 oz. Silver Koala BU is also ideal for collectors. Why? The answer lies in two main factors: the quantity produced and the unique design.

The Silver Koala is presented by GMRgold in Brilliant Uncirculated condition, making it the right quality for collectors to hold. What's unique about the Silver Koala, however, is its design. Since it was introduced in 2007, the Koala coin has been updated each year with a new koala image. Every year, the image features a koala and a eucalyptus tree. This year, the koala is a very realistic rendering of the Australian animal. As it climbs across a eucalyptus tree branch, it looks amazingly authentic. Since every year has a new design, this is the only year that will have this image.

The potential rarity of the coin goes even further. Only 300,000 of the coins will ever be minted. While many silver bullion coins, including the American Silver Eagle, are churned out by the millions, the 2016 Australia 1 oz. Silver Koala BU will soon be in high demand among collectors thanks to its Limited Edition status.

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