The 1 oz. Gold Bar from Perth Mint is an easy coin to buy, own and sell. Its advantages include its one ounce weight, its assay card and its production at the Perth Mint. Buying the Perth Mint Gold bar is simple. Because it is only 1 ounce, it is convenient to buy in large numbers or to round out a larger order including larger bars and coins.

Owning the Perth Mint 1 oz. bar means you will need to store it somewhere. It fits and stacks easily in a home safe or small safe deposit box at the bank. Since the assay card verifies that the assayer has tested and weighed the bar, you know exactly what you have: a precisely 1 oz. bar with .9999 purity. In addition, the 1 oz. weight makes it easy to compare to the spot price of gold which is always listed as per ounce.

When it is time to sell the 1 oz. Gold Bar from Perth Mint, you will still have the assay card to show that it is an authentic 1 oz. bar with .9999 purity. The logo on the obverse of the bar features the Perth Mint swan with the weight and purity listed below. Perth Mint Gold bars are well known among Gold investors as high quality gold products. Any Precious Metals buyer can quickly be assured that the coin is authentic and valuable.

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