Silver coin grading is an important part of determining the value of a silver coin, especially for rare and unique silver coins.

Some of the factors that are used to determine the value of a silver coin include:

  • The quality of the silver coin when it is manufactured. Not all coins are made equal and some might have sustained damage during the manufacturing process.
  • The quantity of silver in the coin. This can be calculated by weighing the coin if the silver coin is composed of 99.99 percent silver.

The lesser the exposure of a coin to air, the better it is.

If the coin is in its original sealed form then it is vitally important that you do a careful examination of both sides of the coin to ensure there are no imperfections.

Hairline cracks can be created very easily just by handling a silver coin. This is why it is common for silver coins to get downgraded from Proof-63 and Proof-64 instead of Proof-69 or Proof-70.

Cleaning of silver coins should be left to a professional. It is probably wiser to avoid any cleaning, as the process of cleaning itself may affect the grading of the silver coin.

All the silver coins in your collection should be independently certified for grade and authenticity.

Certified silver coins are beneficial for both the buyer and the seller as they provide protection and an agreed grading. A grading certificate will make it easier for you to sell your coins and get a good price.

Silver coin grading is very important as it demonstrates the true value of your coin collection.