Since both gold and silver are used by investors, it can be quite difficult to pick the right one. After all, they both offer profits and can be easy to invest in.

First thing first, gold is rarer, hence more valuable. It?s also more in demand and is worn more commonly than gold, which is one of the main reasons why it?s worth more than silver.

While prices for both the metals are highly volatile and the gap keeps on widening or squeezing every now and then, gold is typically 55x more valuable than silver.

We often talk about the uses of gold but silver isn?t far behind. In fact, it?s more commonly used in industries than silver.

Gold is a storehouse of value and has been used for hundreds of years; however, silver coins were among the first to be used for this purpose. It?s safe to say that silver coins have been used more often than gold coins ? most probably due to the difference in their values.

Gold is worth more and is more suitable for big purchases but most people only need a small amount of money to buy day-to-day items, which is why silver was more commonly used. However, things differ when it comes to collectors.

It?s largely a game of taste and preference. Silver is more affordable to collect but gold is more valuable. Investors usually go for gold as it is easier to store. Storing gold worth $10,000 is easier than storing silver worth $10,000.

Technically speaking, both options are good so pick what fits you more.