Gold coin collecting has become a popular hobby in recent times; however, history shows that gold coins of various types have existed in the world before they were even popular.

One such gold coin is the "Gold Sovereign Coin", dating back to the 15th century under the rule of King Henry VII, in London.

Due to how rare and ancient these coins are, their values stand in the thousands.

What are Gold Sovereign Coins?

Gold sovereign coins, popularly known as "the sovereign", is a gold coin originating from the United Kingdom. It has a value of one pound and was originally used for buying and selling in older times.

It's famous among collectors today and is quite expensive.

Luckily, for those who really want to have a gold sovereign coin, a more recent version is available in a more affordable price range.

Types of Modern Gold Sovereigns

If you are looking into purchasing modern gold sovereigns, it might be of some help to know that there are two versions of it available today: the Australian sovereign, and the UK sovereign.

The UK coins were minted in the Royal mint, while the ones from Australia were minted in some of the big cities such as Perth, Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne.

There is not much of a difference between the two types. However, what is worth noting is the value of these sovereign coins. The rarity of these coins plays a major role in their value, which is higher and above that of the gold we see in the market.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Gold Sovereign Coins

Remember these points:

  • The weight of the coin
  • The date of its striking (or, the date it was made)
  • The condition of the sovereign coin
  • The appearance of the coin

And, of course, other factors that apply to usual gold bullions as well such as authenticity, percentage of pure gold, etc.


Despite their attractive appearance, sovereign coins have been known to be purchased by those who are interested in investment, rather than the actual trade value of the coin.