Whether you?re a first time buyer or someone who has been buying or trading gold coins for a while, it is important to be careful when making a transaction because scams are pretty common.

If you search the web, you will find several victims who got cheated by fake sellers who offer fake coins. Scammers are everywhere, even on the internet. This is why it is important that you know the difference between real and fake coins so that you never get robbed.

Real and Fake: Understanding the Difference

It can be very difficult to tell the difference at times (without a proper inspection) since scammers are pretty good at what they do.

The most important thing is to be sure of what you are looking for. If you want to buy a specific gold coin then search about it on the web and study everything from its weight to design. If it's a bad copy then the difference will be pretty obvious right away.

Look at the details, the color, the design, etc. These elements can be hard to copy. Fake coins will either be too shiny or too dull. They might also be thicker or thinner. A good way to recognize a fake is to pay attention to the sound it makes when hit with another coin.

Real coins have a specific ring to them and fake coins sound slightly different. Again, only someone who has experienced real coins will be able to identify such differences.

How to Ensure You Only Buy Real Coins

The best way to be safe is to only buy from a seller you trust. Check reviews and inspect the coin before you pick it. Also, ask for authenticity documents.