Gold continues to be locked in a tight trading range proving support at the $1,900.00 level and resistance at $1,950.00. Starting the week at $1,933.00 and finishing at $1,925.00. Clearly all of the current geo-political and financial news is priced into the markets and we simply await the next headline that institutional traders seek to leg up or leg down their positions. Fundamentals are a thing of the past as market sentiments stand at the ready for a positive nugget or a negative calamity. Seasoned Gold investors see the current pause in the spot price for bullion as a loud indicator to amass more Gold and Gold Coins. Novice participants that are waiting for bells and whistles to signal a move from equities to the yellow metal, will find themselves on the outside looking in. GMRgold’s management team with nearly a century of combined experience in the Precious Metals market are unanimous in their opinion that this is the strongest market ever witnessed. It is based on protection, and wealth preservation. History shows us that Gold and Silver Bullion and Coins are one of the best ways to survive times of uncertainty and chaos.

Silver followed Gold in lock step as the $24.00 support level extends to resistance at $25.00. As with Gold, Silver should be considered a bargain even as physical premiums continue to hold at all time highs. The record high prices for physical Silver prove that the electronic spot price is no longer the gauge by which to measure the strength of the shiny metal. As with physical bullion, Silver numismatic issues are scarce and highly sought after. The United States Mint still struggles to meet demand as planchet shortages plague production. Experienced Silver Bugs are holding their nose and acquiring Coins and Bullion at any price as the realization that the physical price is not going to retreat as we enter the next phase of the economic collapse and should see multiples of current pricing in both arenas.

It should be understood, with the maximum number of exclamation points, that all of the signals needed are in place at this writing. The Federal Reserve has declared war against the stock market. Wall Street professionals have already made their moves and we are watching the late arrivals to the commodities and alternative stores of wealth now. It is necessary to make moves to ride the unprecedented and never before seen perfect storm that is about to bear down on the world. Profits and gains should take a back seat to wealth preservation as the winds reach maximum velocity. The devastation that will ensue will take more than a decade to overcome. And the global economic landscape will not resemble what we know today. No one in the United States alive today has seen a shortage of food. This is no longer a possibility but a realization. The Petro Dollar is dead. With the first salvos already fired, the rest of the world is racing to follow suit before the music stops playing. As of last week, there is only one “non-fiat” currency in the world. Russia has directly linked the Ruble to Gold at an exchange rate of 5,000 Rubles to one gram of gold and is demanding payment for oil and gas in one or the other. The Russian Central Bank has taken measures to convert other currencies, including gold, into Rubles in order to pay for Europe’s energy hunger. The fears of a false flag event that would cause the war in Ukraine to escalate have waned as the world realizes that Ukraine was the false flag. The real war is against the economic West. Knowing that the world would condemn and sanction, Putin has begun a calculated economic war on Europe and the United States. The first casualty will be de-throning the US Dollar.

It is time to make your moves to safety immediately. Determine the percentage of your portfolio you deem necessary to allocate in Precious Metals. You should move sooner rather than later. The time to observe and calculate your moves is over. If you are in equities, even the wrong move is better than no move at this point. Contact GMRgold for an objective and educational consultation on the how’s, why’s and what’s of the Gold and Silver Universe.