Celebrate the opportunity to purchase more bullion and coins
Someone rang the alarm bells alerting institutional investors that Gold was about to take out the key psychological and resistance level of $2,000.00 per ounce resulting in punishing defeat for Gold Bugs last week. Starting the week of trading at $1,973.00 and immediately going straight up to $1,992 on the first day trading, selling began and continued all week until the dust cleared and left the yellow metal closing the week down $61.00 from its Monday high. Without any significant news for the week, there certainly was some profit taking and a larger amount of “shorts” that couldn’t stand a close over $2,000.00. With serious attacks against the $USD, those looking to take advantage of the safe-haven qualities of Gold should celebrate the opportunity to purchase more bullion and coins at current levels before the Bull breaks out for an historic run. If you are an experienced Gold investor, you have seen this scenario time and time again. The $2,000.00 threshold will not go down without a fight. It will fall and a new resistance level will be established. Buy the dips or contact your GMRgold representative for advice an alternative gold plays that will allow you to avoid the roller coaster ride.

Appetite for Physical Silver is more than some dealers can satisfy

Silver mimicked the negative momentum of Gold starting the week at $25.65 and falling nearly 6 ½% to $23.15. While paper Silver investors licked their wounds, physical players continued to buy with both hands at historic premiums exposing the ridiculous truth about the electronic speculation of Silver Bullion. The shorts must cut their losses or be trampled by the stampede of “poor man’s gold” movement. There is still no end in sight for the mint to solve the production problems caused by the planchet shortage. Silver American Eagles hover around $40.00 per coin while other foreign mint products can be acquired for about $5.00 less. As previously mentioned, the appetite for Physical Silver is more than some dealers can satisfy. Attention should be paid to the volume of purchases to understand what is coming soon.

Take advantage of the current price levels while you can
There is an increase of awareness in the entire precious metals industry. One industry expert recently asked to speak at an investment conference, asked for a show of hands of in a room of about a hundred people, how many of you own any form of Gold at all excluding jewelry. He said less than 10 people raised their hands. And only a few more than that for the same question with Silver as the subject. The lesson to be learned here is there is a red-hot bull market in progress less than 20% of the American investors involved in any form of Precious Metals. When the line forms around your local dealer’s building and the national dealers’ phones ring busy, it will not be too late to buy, but you will pay a lot more for the same thing you can pick up today. Take advantage of the current price levels while you can. The ship you see at the dock today is refueling and taking on passengers. The only question that remains is, are you going to standing there waving at it or are you going to sail away safely with the other Americans that have protected their futures with the only real money? Physical Gold and Silver coins and bullion.