GMRgold has an exciting program you’ll want to try if you’re interested in investing in precious metals regularly. The new GMRgold Bullion Box program is easy to understand and easy to start. So, what is it? It’s only one of the most fascinating, no-hassle ways to build your precious metals investments.

What is a GMRgold Bullion Box?

The Bullion Box is GMRgold’s monthly subscription program for anyone interested in adding to their precious metals regularly. All you have to do is sign up, and you’ll receive a Bullion Box every month without taking any further action. You can choose your level of GMRgold Bullion Box, sign up for it, and you’ll be ready to receive the boxes every month like clockwork.

What It Contains

A GMRgold Bullion Box can contain an assortment of precious metals items. You’ll receive items for three main categories:

  • Gold and silver bullion, bronze and copper pieces
  • Coins, bars and rounds
  • Specialty and commemorative items

You won’t know exactly what’s coming until you receive your box, open it up, and unpack it. So, in addition to the benefits of getting high quality pieces and increasing your precious metals investments, you get to experience happy anticipation, thrilling discoveries, and the joy of owning something with intrinsic value.

Who Chooses the Contents

One thing you can be sure of with the GMRgold Bullion Boxes is that the pieces inside are unique, high-quality precious metals that have been carefully chosen by our precious metals experts. Who are these experts? They’re GMRgold’s team of precious metals advisors tasked with the work of finding the gold, silver, bronze, and copper items that can pique your interest as well as provide you with a solid investment that won’t diminish in the long term.

What’s more, our experts use their connections and industry knowledge to fill your boxes from reputable mints and individual collectors and investors. Our goal is always to provide you with treasures you can enjoy and benefit from now and in the future. Most importantly, we work to get you more for every investment you make!

When You Get It

After you sign up for our monthly subscription program, you’ll receive your first box within 2 weeks. Every month after that, you’ll get a new box on the first of the month after your card is charged on the 15th.

What’s the Commitment?

When you sign up for our Bullion Box subscription program, you agree that we’ll charge your card on the 15th of every month and supply a box on the following first of the month. You agree to buy the box every month unless and until you take the required steps to end your commitment.

However, you aren’t agreeing to continue to take the boxes endlessly. Any time you choose, you can cancel your subscription to our Bullion Box program. Just let us know before the 15th of the month, and your card won’t be charged again unless and until you sign up to receive another Bullion Box.

It’s a no-risk commitment, because we’re always here to make sure you get precious metals with intrinsic and collectors’ value. Above all, our goal is to satisfy your needs and interests in the most effective way possible.

If you’re still hesitant to make this easily-reversed decision, you can place a one-time order for a Bullion Box. When you receive your box, you can see what’s inside and decide for yourself whether you want to continue. After a one-time order, you won’t receive any more boxes or be charged again until you say the word.

Subscription Levels

With GMRgold’s monthly precious metals subscription program, you can invest at a level that suits your needs and your budget. Our three standard subscription levels are:

  • The Basic Bullion Box - $100 per month
  • The Advanced Bullion Box - $250 per month
  • The Elite Bullion Box - $500 per month

The pieces chosen for you each month will depend on your subscription level. Yet, even after you choose a subscription level, you can always change it if you like. All you have to do is give us a call and let us know what level you want to invest at now.

What If I Want More?

You aren’t limited to investing $500 in our Bullion Boxes. We can create a custom box at a higher level that works best for you. If you do prefer a custom level box, you just need to call us at 1 (877) 795-9585 to set it up with our precious metals advisors. We’ll provide special handling of your order to ensure you get your custom level Bullion Box promptly and safely.

What Makes the Bullion Box Subscription So Appealing?

Our GMRgold monthly subscription service is an efficient way to add to your precious metals holdings on a regular basis. That might sound a little boring, though. The truth is that the Bullion Box subscription is so much more. It provides a unique experience you’ll appreciate right away and keep enjoying as long as you continue it.

The Thrill of Anticipation

People love to open surprises boxes. Imagine your birthday is coming up. You find out your loved one has ordered something for you. You begin to experience the thrill of anticipations right away as you wonder what exciting gift you will receive. Once you know that box is on its way, you it provides you many moments of pleasant contemplation of what might be inside.

A GMRgold Bullion Box is a gift you give yourself. Unlike most gifts you give yourself, you can surprise yourself with what’s inside your box. Of course, you know it will be some kind of precious metal, but what exactly will it be? Our subscription program is one of the few ways to create that anticipatory experience for yourself.

The Excitement of Discovery

Just as your anticipation reaches its peak, you receive a simple, unadorned box. Yet, you know it contains something you want to know more about. It contains one or more precious metals objects that will only be revealed when you dig into your box.

Because this is a precious metals box, you open it carefully, being sure not to damage the contents hidden inside. When you get to this buried treasure, you take it out and examine it. You answer for yourself questions like:

  • What precious metal is it?
  • What kind object do you have here?
  • What’s its mintmark?
  • What condition is it in?
  • Where does it fit in with your current collection?

With each new detail, you get to know your precious metal piece more. You may come up with more questions to research on your own, such as the historical significance of a coin, the history of the mint, or the current market value of the piece. If you can’t find the answers alone, GMRgold’s precious metals experts are happy to help you solve the mysteries.

Value and Variety without Endless Research

If you aren’t a precious metals expert, you would have to do an incredible amount of research to learn about all the coins, bars, and rounds available to you at any given time. Deciding what to buy can feel like a monumental task when you’re doing it with such limited knowledge.

With the GMRgold subscription box, though, our precious metals experts decide what to include based on all the important factors in buying gold and other precious metals. They work to give you coins with value based on their extensive knowledge in the field. Even better, they give you variety by choosing different pieces each month. You’ll still want to do research to find out what you have, of course, but now you won’t have to research every possible option to find your starting point.

No-Hassle Monthly Subscription

Our monthly subscription program takes away the usual hassles of adding to your investment every month. Budgeting for your precious metals purchases become easier, because you already know the exact amount you’ll be spending each month on your GMRgold Bullion Box. You know when your card will be charged and when your box will arrive. You can change it whenever you like. You can cancel your subscription at any time. A quick call when you want to make changes is all it takes to manage your subscription.

It’s Easy to Stick with This Program

Of course, you can always set up your own schedule for investing and complete your own specific orders at the intervals you choose. In fact, many of our customers do just that. However, many people find it much simpler to stick with a regular investment program when all the work of choosing the contents and sending the boxes is taken care of for them. Then, you not only keep up with your investment plan when you have a lot of free time, but you also keep going when you’re too busy to browse our collections. It’s a real time-saver for people who are busy with their career, family, and community.

Benefits of Precious Metals Investing and Collecting

Convenience, reliability, interest, and expert advice are all important benefits of starting a subscription with GMRgold. Don’t lose sight of the most important part of getting a monthly Bullion Box delivered to your door, though. The greatest benefits you receive are the same benefits you get whenever you invest in precious metals. These include:

  • Intrinsic value – No one person or government creates the value of precious metals simply by printing an amount on them. Instead, the value is based on complex factors in the market, industry, and world situations.
  • Ongoing demand – There’s an ongoing demand for precious metals. They’re not only desired by investors, but they’re needed for industrial uses such as technology, electronics, electrical service, and medical uses.
  • Scarce resource – Precious metals are called “precious” because they’re in limited supply. When something is as limited as precious metals, its value naturally increases as long as it’s in demand.
  • Not controlled by government – Governments create paper money, and they continue to control it by printing more when they choose to. This decreases its value over time. Precious metals, on the other hand, tend to increase in value over time regardless of what happens in government.
  • Highly liquid investment – Many investments are hard to cash in on, but precious metals can be sold whenever you need to sell them. Because of their intrinsic value and ongoing demand, it’s usually quite easy to find a buyer if you need to sell quickly. For example, if you’ve invested in real estate and need to get out of the investment quickly, you probably won’t be free to hold out for a fair price. Instead, you can choose between selling at a loss or waiting precious months or years for the right buyer to come along. That just isn’t the case with precious metals, which can typically be sold quickly and easily.
  • Easy to diversify – Investment experts have been warning us to diversify for many decades at the very least. You need to diversify if you want to be in the best possible position in an uncertain future. With precious metals, you can easily diversify by having different metals, like gold, silver, copper, bronze, and others. You can also diversify by having different pieces that hold interest for different types of buyers.
  • What you buy and own is your business alone – You don’t have to account for your precious metals holdings in the same way you have to account for the paper money you earn at work or receive through other business dealings. What’s yours is your business and yours alone. If you’re concerned about tax issues, you can always talk to our experts to learn more.
  • Provides a hedge against inflation – As paper money loses value through government manipulation, precious metals hold their value much more effectively. Instead of stockpiling paper money that will almost certainly be worth less in the future, you’re setting aside your money in a form that will likely be just as valuable if not more so years in the future.

How to Get Started

To start our GMRgold Bullion Box subscription program or just try it out with a one-time purchase, just call us at 1 (877) 795-9585 to learn more and set up your plan. Or, you can go online to our monthly subscription page ( to set up your plan online. It’s quick, easy, and incredibly beneficial.