The Top Four Things You Need to Know About Buying and Selling Silver Bars

With the rocketing price of silver, silver bars are becoming very popular with investors as well as collectors.

Silver investors know the cheapest and most efficient way of accumulating silver is in the form of 100 ounce silver bars; however, there are a few pointers that are important to keep in mind when collecting large 100 ounce silver bars.

First, ensure that you buy your silver bars from an established precious metals firm. Reputable firms will often offer silver from reputable mints or refineries. Johnson Matthey is one such refinery. Established in 1817, the reputation of Johnson Matthey is known worldwide. Advisors will inform you silver from Johnson Matthey is easy to liquidate into cash if you should so desire.

If possible, one should take personal delivery of your silver bars. You will also want to store it in a safe place. It is a good idea to keep your affairs in this regard private and not tell your friends and acquaintances you have silver bars in your vault at home - better safe than sorry. Some companies offer to store your silver and gold bars, but this should be avoided as a general rule. Instances of companies ‘removing’ the bars have been known and in the event the government wishes to ‘call in’ any metal such as silver or gold, these storage houses are the first to be visited by the government.

With investments in large silver bars, the amount you pay over ‘spot’ is much less than for a single coin or a small silver bar or even a ten ounce silver bar. This makes it much more worthwhile to accumulate as many large silver bars as possible.

Again, buying a small bar, or even ten ounce bar, would include a heavier markup which must be accounted for and covered before you start seeing a profit.

Accumulating 100 ounce silver bars is an excellent diversification tool and a good way of providing for your future assuming you do your due diligence and buy from a seasoned and reputable precious metals firm.

Remember, "Take care of your money and your money will take care of you."

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