Four Reasons You Should Buy Gold Bullion Coins Right Now

If you are looking for a strategy to protect your wealth in a global economic collapse or financial crisis we recommend you buy gold bullion coins now.

The following countries provide excellent National Gold Bullion Coins:

American Gold Bullion Coin : The American Gold Eagle

Canadian Gold Bullion Coin : Canadian Maple Leaf

Australian Gold Bullion Coin : Australian Nugget

South African Gold Bullion Coin: South African Krugerrand

Gold Bullion coins contain one ounce of fine gold. Although there are slight differences between the coins they are all an excellent protection for your wealth in an economic collapse.

Here are four advantages of buying Gold Bullion Coins right now:

  1. These products have a low margin above the current gold price compared to other forms of gold that you can take physical possession of.
  2. National gold bullion coins mentioned herein are immediately recognized worldwide. You can easily sell any of these gold coins to almost any coin store or bullion dealer in the world.
  3. Gold coins are easy to store and carry. Gold coins will fit into all kinds of discreet hiding places around a house that are simply too small for a gold bar.
  4. With gold coins you can easily sell any fraction of your physical gold portfolio you wish for any reason. For example you can easily sell a single ounce gold coin from your collection at any time or any number of your gold coins depending on the amount of money you require.

With an easily divisible gold coin investment you are never stuck in an “all-or-nothing” mode regarding your physical gold holdings.

Remember - "when did Noah build the Ark? Before the storm."

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