Five Reasons Why Our Experts Think You Should Buy Silver Bullion Right Now!

Why buy silver bullion indeed!

The value of silver is on a steady increase and some even say that it will one day approach the same price as gold. This may or may not be the case, but it is sure that, with the shortage of silver coinciding with the great demand for more silver supplies - the current upward trend is sure to continue.

One of the best ways of buying silver is bullion. Bullion is basically silver coins and silver bars sold based on spot price. Currently these are easy to buy for most people and you can buy a respectable amount of silver while the prices are still within reach.

Silver bullion can be classed as either pure silver coins or pure silver bars. In both types there are a variety of sizes and weights.

Coins are a good way to quickly collect silver and, apart from the joys of just being a coin collector, there are some good investments to be made by buying certain silver coins. Usually one should be looking for proof coins that are 99.99 percent pure silver. There is a premium to be paid for this, however, it is well worth it if the margins are reasonable.

Silver bullion coins are usually legal tender in the country for which they are intended so they tend to be tax free. These coins are generally tax free both in the purchase and in any subsequent sale.

Silver bars tend to be a bit more cost effective provided you buy a reasonable sized bar. Buying a one ounce silver bar is likely to attract a handling charge or premium. Buying a one or more kilo bar will reduce the premium dramatically. However there may be a question of tax when it comes to sell, particularly if you make a fabulous profit on the transaction. One would be wise to consult with a trusted financial advisor in such matters as each person's situation is different.

The question then, 'Why buy silver bullion now?' Silver seems to have an excellent future and it would be wise to take advantage of that while prices are still within reach.

Remember, "Take care of your money and your money will take care of you."

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