Whenever the topic of purchasing gold is brought up, the most common question people bring up is, ‘Why should I consider buying gold?

Why not lean towards purchasing shares? Or even stocks?

There are numerous other options as well. For example: pork bellies or even seeds. Surely, the agricultural commodities are beneficial.

All those are valid commodities to invest in, however; here are a few statistics to pay attention to before you move forward with your decision.

The US Dollar has lost its value over the years. According to data, its worth has decreased by about 80 percent in the last few decades.

What does this represent? To put it simply, this decrease means that the buying value of the US Dollar has dropped by almost 5 percent.

Now, keeping this data in mind, investing in currency would be a bad choice. It’s very risky and unpredictable.

On the other hand, the stock market isn’t safe either, especially if you look at the current scenario. Increasing political tensions and the fear of pandemic have caused most stock markets to crash.

Commodities like pork bellies and seeds are not safe either. The market is unpredictable since you can’t control factors such as weather.

However, there is one commodity that stays during such times and it’s GOLD. It is one of the few options that stay strong even during tough times.

Here is a list of five reasons why buying gold can be beneficial:

  1. Security

    No matter how long you store it for, it will retain its original form as it was when it was first mined or purchased by you.

  2. Independent

    Gold remains independent and unchanged by outside factors. Sometimes, change in the political situation may bring a variation in the purchasing price of gold, but the value of gold itself remains unchanged.

  3. Liquidity

    Gold is the only commodity that can be sold and purchased internationally without much change in its value. Plus, it is highly liquid and can be quickly converted into cash.

  4. Reserve Asset

    Experienced investors suggest that investing in precious metals like gold or silver coins can actually protect against losses as it provides a hedge against inflation.

  5. Stability

    Gold prices may change rapidly but they’re still more affordable than other options like stocks and digital coins.

    Gold is easily one of the best investment options. It can even be a part of your investment portfolio, so look around and invest in the shiny metal.