There's good news for collectors. The British Royal Mint has a special and unique Family Silver Proof Collection.

The mining facility only released 7,500 sets of these to the general public.

More About the Collection

The First Coin was the Act of Union Silver Proof £2 Coin valued at £29.95. In addition to this, the silver collection contains the following six coins:

  • The 50p Scout Movement
  • The £2 Act of Union
  • The £1 Gateshead Millennium Bridge
  • The £5 Diamond Wedding Crown
  • The £2 Abolition of the Slave Trade
  • The 1oz Britannia

The most special of these is the Diamond Wedding crown as it?s among the few coins that contain both reverse and obverse designs.

The other five carry stunning reverse designs. Together, they bring the total figure to seven coins.

The set was originally sent in pieces ? one coin a month. It came in an exquisite royal blue presentation case and a booklet with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Why Get This Set

Opting for the set means ?10 in savings. Each coin comes un-struck. Buyers will also get a free storage case.

Here's a recap for a better understanding of savings and what you're getting:

  • Scout Movement Silver Proof 50p worth 428.50
  • Abolition of the Slave Trade Silver Proof £2 worth $29.95
  • Diamond Wedding Silver Proof £5 Crown worth £39.50
  • Gateshead Millennium Bridge Silver Proof £1 worth £28.95
  • The Britannia Silver Proof 1oz Coin worth £37.50 - saving £10.00

The rare set contains special Proof ?2 coins that come plated with gold on the outer rings. Many of these are expected to fetch big numbers in the future and can be great for collectors.